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2017 Season
  • International
PlayStation Black Logo.png
Dec 3rd - Dec 4th 2016

  FaZelogo std.png FaZe 3
  Riselogo std.png Rise 1
  FaZelogo std.png FaZe 3
  Orbit EUlogo std.png Orbit EU 1
  LGlogo std.png LG 0
  Orbit EUlogo std.png Orbit EU 3

Latest News
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December 7th
NA BOTlogo std.png BOT Eminence, Legend, Roested, and Saint join.
NA MWlogo std.png MW FEARS, Holler, Magsy, and Risky join.
NA Hydralogo std.png Hydra Holler and Risky leave.
December 6th
NA Hydralogo std.png Hydra Legend leaves.
December 5th
NA Revengelogo std.png Revenge KiLLa, MiRx, Maux, and Whea7s join.
December 4th
CWLlogo small.png
Gold.png FaZelogo std.png FaZe Clan Silver.png Orbit EUlogo std.png Orbit eSport EU in PlayStation Experience Invitational.
SFCOlogo small.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png Team Delivare Silver.png Logo std2.png Team Papipou in SFCO MWR 1.
MYCGlogo small.png
Gold.png UnVeiL nVlogo std.png Team UnVeiL NoVa Silver.png Muselogo std.png Team Muse in MYCG CWLtoAsia Championship.
December 3rd
EBashlogo small.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png Krypto Gaming Silver.png Logo std2.png Slice n' Dice in eBash IW December Tournament.
NA THlogo std.png TH ProoFy, TwiZz, Nelson and SpaceLy join.
GBlogo small.png
2K Series and Pro Points return for the 2017 CWL Season.

SFCOlogo small.png  
Dec 17 - Dec 18
MLGlogo small.png  
Dec 16 - Dec 18
  MLG CWL Vegas Open 2016
LVPlogo small.png  
Dec 16 - Dec 17
  LVP Season 11 Final Cup
GBlogo small.png
Dec 11
  MLG 2K Series NA 12-11
GBlogo small.png
Dec 11
  MLG 2K Series EU 12-11
GBlogo small.png
Dec 11
  MLG 2K Series APAC 12-11
Insomnialogo small.png  
Dec 10 - Dec 11
GBlogo small.png
Dec 10
  MLG CWL Vegas Open Online Qualifier
LPLlogo small.png  
Dec 07 - Dec 21
  LPL 02: Call of Duty Premiership Playoffs
Pslogo small.png  
Dec 03 - Dec 04
  PlayStation Experience Invitational
MYCGlogo small.png  
Dec 03 - Dec 04
  MYCG CWLtoAsia Championship
SFCOlogo small.png  
Dec 03 - Dec 04
EBashlogo small.png
Dec 03
  eBash IW December Tournament
LPLlogo small.png  
Nov 16 - Dec 03
  LPL 02: Call of Duty Premiership Round Robin
LVPlogo small.png  
Sep 12 - Nov 29
  LVP División de Honor Season 11
Nov 26 - Nov 27
GAMElogo small.png  
Nov 26 - Nov 27
  Fun & Serious Invitational
Pslogo small.png  
Nov 13 - Nov 13
  PlayStation MASTERS Respawn 2016
Gfinitylogo small.png  
Nov 05 - Nov 05
  Gfinity MWR Launch Cup
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