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2015-16 Season Latest News
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    Call of Duty Championship
2016 Call of Duty World League Championship No Background.png
Sep 1st - Sep 4th 2016


Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H

1. Milllogo std.png Millenium 0-0
2. SPYlogo std.png Splyce 0-0
3. Logo std2.png Livin the Dream 0-0
4. BFGlogo std.png Black Forest Games 0-0
August 28th
Multiplaylogo small.png
Gold.png Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports Silver.png WFlogo std.png warFare Gaming EU in the Insomnia58.
August 27th
FPLlogo small.png
Gold.png Riot.Girlslogo std.png Riot Gaming.Girls Silver.png SB Ladieslogo std.png Strictly Business Ladies in the NA FPL Season 2 Playoffs.
August 24th
EU Hereticslogo std.png Heretics JurNii, Oney, Pabloskis, and Lucky join. Goorgo and Sukry join as substitutes.
August 23rd
EU BFGlogo std.png BFG Roster of Logo std2.png Revoltables acquired. Ryan, KraQz, LouiCM, and Revolt join.
EU Wizardslogo std.png Wizards dReeaLL, Detain, LewTee, and HaLLy join.
August 20th
NA MWlogo std.png MW Roster of Logo std2.png Corn acquired. Blfire, Methodz, TcM, and TwiZz join.
August 17th
NA BSlogo std.png bS Buck and Dedo leave.
August 16th
3arclogo small.png
Black Ops III Patch v1.15 is released.
August 15th
NA Lethallogo std.png Lethal Roster of MWlogo std.png Most Wanted is acquired. Hate, Spoof, Beehzy, and JuJu join.
August 14th
CWLlogo small.png
AESlogo std.png Apotheon Esports, C9logo std.png Cloud9, Logo std2.png Corn, Logo std2.png Livin the Dream, MWlogo std.png Most Wanted, and ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate qualify for 2016 Call of Duty World League Championship.
Events Featured Content
Oct 07 - Oct 09
  UMG Orlando 2016
GMZlogo small.png  
Oct 01 - Oct 02
  MWEB GameZone Masters Series Grand Finals
LVPlogo small.png  
Sep 12 - Nov 29
  LVP División de Honor Season 11
Champs2016logo small.png  
Sep 01 - Sep 04
  2016 Call of Duty World League Championship
FPLlogo small.png  
Aug 10 - Present
  EU FPL Season 2 Playoffs
Multiplaylogo small.png  
Aug 27 - Aug 28
FPLlogo small.png  
Aug 26 - Aug 27
  NA FPL Season 2 Playoffs
CWLlogo small.png  
Aug 13 - Aug 14
  2016 NA CWL Championship Qualifier
EBashlogo small.png  
Aug 13 - Aug 13
  eBash BO3 August Tournament
MLGlogo small.png  
Aug 05 - Aug 07
  MLG Orlando Open 2016
MLGlogo small.png  
Jul 31 - Jul 31
  MLG NA 500 Series 07-31
SGLlogo small.png  
Jul 30 - Jul 31
  SGL PS4 #4
SFCOlogo small.png  
Jul 30 - Jul 31
EGESAlogo small.png  
Jul 29 - Jul 31
  EGE South Africa 2016
FPLlogo small.png  
Jun 03 - Jul 26
  NA FPL Season 2 Regular Season
BSOGlogo small.png  
Jul 26 - Jul 26
  BSOCOD Pro League Season 2 Relegation
MLGlogo small.png  
Jul 24 - Jul 24
  MLG NA 500 Series 07-24
BSOGlogo small.png  
Jul 23 - Jul 24
  BSOCOD Open League Season 2 Playoffs
CWLlogo small.png  
Jul 23 - Jul 24
  2016 EU CWL Championship Qualifier
CWLlogo small.png  
Jul 23 - Jul 24
  2016 ANZ CWL Championship Qualifier
ETGlogo small.png  
Jul 23 - Jul 23
  ETG 13
MLGlogo small.png  
Jul 17 - Jul 17
  MLG NA 500 Series 07-17
CWLlogo small.png  
Jul 14 - Jul 17
  2016 NA CWL Stage 2 Playoffs
MLGlogo small.png  
Jul 17 - Jul 17
  MLG EU 500 Series 07-17
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