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Team Information
Location: United States USA
Coaches: Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi
Managers: Hans Christian "Liq" Dürr
Sponsor(s): eSports Academy
Proxy Server
Scuf Gaming
Delaware North
EsportsWikis Network: League of Legends
Gears of War
Created: COD Division: 2015-12-02
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Current Roster
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Splyce is an esports organization based in the United States that specializes in esports news but also has teams in Call of Duty, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Brothers, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone.


Black Ops III

On December 2nd, 2015 Follow eSports re-branded to Splyce and acquired Joshh, Reedy, Dominate and Bance. At the 2016 EU CWL Stage 1 Pro Division Qualifying Invitational Tournament, the team lost to Millenium but defeated Team Orbit UK and FAB Games eSports to qualify for 2016 EU CWL Stage 1 Regular Season. Dominate and Reedy were swapped out for Hawqeh and Vortex before the stage began and worked out as Splyce finished the regular season in 4th Place with a 12-6 record. At 2016 EU CWL Stage 1 Playoffs, the team defeated exceL eSports and upset the number one seeded team, Team Infused, before falling to Millenium again. Not being satisfied with 2nd Place, Splyce dropped Hawqeh and Vortex and picked up Joee and Rated. The benefits of this move were immediate as Splyce was able to defeat American teams FaZe Clan and Rise Nation in quick fashion at ESWC 2016 before falling to OpTic Gaming in the grand finals.

After ESWC, they placed 1st in four events, one of which was Gfinity Summer Masters 2016. Their notable online event wins include the CWL Challenge Division tournaments One and Two for Stage 2, and the first MLG Pro Points Series. They also finished 3rd in the 2016 EU CWL Stage 2 Regular Season which gave the team enough Championship Points to qualify for the 2016 Call of Duty World League Championship. At the event, Splyce finished their group with a 3-0 record and advanced to WBR2 before falling to FAB Games eSports. In the Losers Bracket, Splyce defeated Team Kaliber, Faze Clan, and Rise Nation, got revenge against FAB Games eSports, and then quickly dispatched Team eLevate. This set them up against Team EnVyUs in the Grand Finals. Splyce took map one but proceeded to lose the next three to end the event in 2nd Place.

Infinite Warfare

Despite finishing 2nd Place at the biggest Call of Duty event of all time, the team needed a change due to internal conflicts. Joshh left the team only to join back with Jurd and MadCat from Millenium while Rated and Joee left to join Orbit eSport EU. This new roster travelled to compete at the 2017 CWL Las Vegas Open, for their first event in the new Infinite Warfare Season. The team performed well considering it was their first event together, finishing pool play 2nd to move on to the winners bracket, where they would face FaZe in round 1. FaZe proved too strong however, winning 3-1 to send Splyce into losers round 3, where they lost again to Evil Geniuses in a heartbreaking series, 2 maps to 3.

After a solid performance, but a disappointing 9-12th finish, Splyce returned to the UK to compete in the online MLG GameBattles 2K tournaments. They proved themselves to be the top EU team at the time, winning two consecutively. However they were unable to replicate this at the next event, 2017 CWL London Invitational, where they finished 2nd, losing out to their former teammates Joee and Rated of Orbit eSport EU. Splyce continued to perform strongly overseas however, and at the next two events - 2017 CWL Atlanta Open, 2017 CWL Paris Open - finished 7-8th and 5-6th respectively, beating out top NA opposition. However, they remained unable to break into the top 4, and this lead to the shock decision of dropping original member Joshh. The team decided to recruit Zer0 from Orbit eSport EU, following the teams disbandment after their disappointing 13-16th finish at the Atlanta Open. Joshh ultimately joined Epsilon eSports, who themselves had made a shock decision to drop Desire to make room. The roster change seemed somewhat vindicated after Splyce managed 4th place at CWL Dallas, which ensured them in the top 4 global teams in pro point standings, meaning they would avoid OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan and eUnited in their group at Stage 1 of the CWL Global Pro League. However, at the next event, CWL Birmingham, the new look Splyce roster would meet their match in the EU scene. Despite making their way somewhat comfortably to the grand finals, they came up against Epsilon, and notably, their former teammate and captain, Joshh. Although Splyce had beaten them previously in the tournament, it was Epsilon who cruised to victory in the grudge match final. As they had come from the losers bracket, Epsilon were required to win two best of 5 series, with Splyce only needing to win one to take the Championship. Epsilon, to many spectator's surprise, won both series 3-0 back to back, and knocked their rivals into 2nd place. This left Splyce, despite their supposed dominance in the EU scene, still searching for a first event win in Infinite Warfare.

The weekend following the Birmingham event, Splyce flew out to Columbus to compete in the red group at the 2017 CWL Global Pro League Stage 1. Splyce shared the group with the 5th overall seed Team EnVyUs, the top APAC team Mindfreak, and Cloud 9, to compete in week 1. They began the weekend up against Team EnVyUs, and looked the better team, winning the match 3-1. They won the remainder of their matches over the weekend against Cloud 9 and Mindfreak, but so did EnVy, which meant the final match between the two would decide who would top the group. However, EnVy would have to win the match 3-0 to do so, in order to better the map count of Splyce. EnVy surprised many to do just that, winning the Hardpoint and Search and Destroy narrowly, before completing the clean sweep in a more comfortable Uplink. This resigned Splyce to 2nd place in the group, and left them a much harder task awaiting them at the play-offs.



  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • February 9th, Delaware North sponsors Splyce. [1]
  • February 27th, Joshh becomes inactive. Zer0 joins. [2]
  • March 7th, Joshh leaves. [3]
  • September 6th, Zer0 leaves. [4]
  • September 19th, Tommey joins. [5]

Player Roster


ID Name Primary Role
United Kingdom Bance Ben Bance Template:RoleSortNumber Flex
Republic of Ireland Jurd Jordan Crowley Template:RoleSortNumber Flex
United Kingdom MadCat Dylan Daly Template:RoleSortNumber AR Slayer
United Kingdom Tommey Thomas Trewren Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer


ID Name Primary Role Next Team
United Kingdom Zer0 Trei Morris Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Red EUlogo std.png Red Reserve EU
United Kingdom Joshh Joshua-Lee Shephard Template:RoleSortNumber Flex Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports
United Kingdom Rated Rhys Price Template:RoleSortNumber AR Slayer Orbit EUlogo std.png Orbit eSport EU
United Kingdom Joee Joseph Pinnington Template:RoleSortNumber SMG Slayer Orbit EUlogo std.png Orbit eSport EU
United Kingdom Vortex Stephen Allen Template:RoleSortNumber Support EXRTlogo std.png Exertus eSports
United Kingdom Hawqeh Billy Harris Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer EXRTlogo std.png Exertus eSports
United Kingdom Dominate James Batz Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer WySixlogo std.png WySix Team
United Kingdom Reedy Jordan Reed Template:RoleSortNumber SMG OBJ Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports



ID Name Position
USA Marty Strenczewilk Owner
United Kingdom Swizz Michael Butterworth Team Manager

Team Achievements

Recent Achievements (full list)
Game Date Place Event Winnings Roster
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-08-13 A77 - 8th 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship $35,000 BanceJurdMadCatZer0
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-07-30 A77 - 8th 2017 CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 $22,500 BanceJurdMadCatZer0
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-06-18 A22nd 2017 CWL Anaheim Open $48,000 BanceJurdMadCatZer0
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-05-28 A11st 2017 CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 $212,500 BanceJurdMadCatZer0
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-04-16 A22nd 2017 CWL Birmingham Open $12,000 BanceJurdMadCatZer0


Highlight Videos


  • 2016

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