BSOG/2017 Season/2K Summer Cup IW Final

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BSOG 2K Summer Cup IW Final
Event Information
Organizer: BSOG
Type: Online
Location: Brazil Brazil
Platform: PlayStation 4
Game: Infinite Warfare
Mode: 4v4
Prize pool: R$ 2,000
Number of Teams: 8
Start Date: 2017-02-04
End Date: 2017-02-05
Links: Website
Winner: VrTlogo std.png Virtue Gaming
Second: BDlogo std.png Black Dragons
Third: GnRlogo std.png Green Reapers
Fourth: Mercilesslogo std.png Merciless Gaming
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BSOG 2K Summer Cup IW Final is an online cup.



  • Double Elimination

Game Types and Maps

Included maps and modes:

  • Hardpoint: Breakout, Retaliation, Scorch, Throwback
  • Search and Destroy: Crusher, Retaliation, Scorch, Throwback
  • Uplink: Frost, Precinct, Throwback

Final Placings

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $R1,000 VrTlogo std.png Virtue Gaming ScarzSweeTJPreformedBielzinho
Silver.png 2nd $R600 BDlogo std.png Black Dragons MirollaFalconVitinhoNeewz
Bronze.png 3rd $R400 GnRlogo std.png Green Reapers GoldzMarinDirtySheed
Copper.png 4th Mercilesslogo std.png Merciless Gaming HnaugurHoridELiTzKnuckles
5th-6th SKAE Whitelogo std.png sKAE Gaming White ParalizySuricatoShadezKS
Black8logo std.png Black8 Team GardenRuSHkheyzekmouf
7th-8th DOG$logo std.png DOG$ Team EduEnzoRodrigoGabz
NKlogo std.png Night Killers eSports MatrixHenRiiReverseRuiz


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Black Dragons
Brazil Mirolla
Brazil Falcon
Brazil Vitinho
Brazil Neewz
Black8 Team
Brazil Garden
Brazil RuSHi
Brazil kheyzek
Brazil mouf
DOG$ Team
Brazil Edu
Brazil Enzo
Brazil Rodrigo
Brazil Gabz
Green Reapers
Brazil Goldz
Brazil Marin
Brazil Dirty
Brazil Sheeddars
Merciless Gaming
Brazil Hnaugur
Brazil Horid
Brazil Elitz
Brazil Knuckles
sKAE Gaming White
Brazil Paralizy
Brazil Suricato
Brazil HShadez
Brazil KS
Virtue Gaming
Brazil ScarZ
Brazil Preformed
Brazil SweetJ
Brazil Bielzinho


  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  VrTlogo std.png VrT 3
  SKAE Whitelogo std.png sKAE White 0
  VrTlogo std.png VrT 3
  Black8logo std.png Black8 0
  Black8logo std.png Black8 3
  DOG$logo std.png DOG$ 0
  VrTlogo std.png VrT 3
  BDlogo std.png BD 0
  Mercilesslogo std.png Merciless 3
  NKlogo std.png NK 0
  Mercilesslogo std.png Merciless 2
  BDlogo std.png BD 3
  GnRlogo std.png GnR 0   VrTlogo std.png VrT 3
  BDlogo std.png BD 3   BDlogo std.png BD 0
Loser's bracket
  Mercilesslogo std.png Merciless 2
  DOG$logo std.png DOG$ 1
  SKAE Whitelogo std.png sKAE White 1   BDlogo std.png BD 3
  SKAE Whitelogo std.png sKAE White 2   Mercilesslogo std.png Merciless 1
  GnRlogo std.png GnR 1
  GnRlogo std.png GnR 2
  Black8logo std.png Black8 1
  GnRlogo std.png GnR 2
  GnRlogo std.png GnR 2
  NKlogo std.png NK 1

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