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Team Information
Location: United States USA
Managers: Danan Flander
Sponsor(s): Logitech
Red Bull
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Sister Team (Former): Cloud9 Eclipse
EsportsWikis Network: League of Legends
Created: Organization: 2012-12-04
COD Division: 2015-12-10
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Cloud9 is an esports organization based in the United States that currently has teams in League of Legends, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros., and Vainglory.


Black Ops 3

On December 10th, 2015, Cloud9 announced their expansion into Call of Duty esports with the signing of Burnsoff, MerK, SiLLY, and Mochila. After the team failed to qualify for 2016 NA COD World League Stage 1, MerK and Burnsoff left to look for a new team. On January 26th, Cloud9 announced their new team of Accuracy, SinfuL, CaLiFa, and KiLLa. They placed 17-24th at UMG South Carolina 2016 and all of the players were released following the event. Cloud9 was able to collect enough CWL Pro Points with the new roster of Havok, LlamaGod, Mochila and Happy to qualify for the 2016 NA CWL Stage 1 Online Relegation Qualifier. 1st Place in that tournament sent them to the 2016 NA CWL Stage 1 Relegation. They would face relegated CLG in a seven game series to determine who would make it into the 2016 NA CWL Stage 2 Regular Season. CLG took map one but Cloud9 was able to win the next four and took the series 4-1.

After mediocre play in the first month of the stage, Assault was added to replace Mochila. The team finished 7th-8th at MLG Anaheim Open 2016 and 5th-8th at 2016 NA CWL Stage 2 Playoffs. These placings resulted in another team change. Llama and Happy leave for SiLLY and Swarley. This roster would only be intact for MLG Orlando Open 2016 as teams try to make their best possible roster for the 2016 NA CWL Championship Qualifier. Ricky, Lacefield and former world champion ACHES joined Assault. The team made it through the online qualifier and are placed into Group G with Team EnVyUs, Team Orbit ANZ and Team Vitality for the 2016 Call of Duty World League Championship. Cloud9 went 2-1 in group play and only lost to Team EnVyUs on map 5. The team defeated former team members Havok, Llama and Swarley on compLexity Gaming before losing to Elevate and dropping to the loser's bracket. They defeated HyperGames to advance to face OpTic Gaming. In one of the best series of all of Black Ops III, Cloud9 defeated OpTic Gaming in round 11 on map 5 to advance to face FAB Games eSports for top 4. Cloud9 was upset by FAB Games eSports and they finished in 5th-6th place.

Infinite Warfare

Cloud9 kept their roster following the release of Infinite Warfare, as fans held high expectations for the highly anticipated CWL Las Vegas 2017 tournament. Victory was in sight for the former world champion, ACHES, as Cloud9 progressed to the grand final. However, they were unable to overcome their biggest obstacle, a newly formed and determined Rise Nation, and placed 2nd, Cloud9’s best placement since their entry into Call of Duty. Despite multiple average placements in the online 2k tournaments, Cloud9 was seen as a dominant force going into CWL Atlanta 2017. This perspective quickly shifted with consecutive 17-20th placings at Atlanta and CWL Paris Open. With CWL Dallas Open serving as the roster lock for GPL Stage 1 teams, speculation arose regarding the future of the roster. These rumors were quickly debunked by ACHES, stating the roster was not the issue, and a 2nd place finish on the recent 2k tournament reassured fans of the team’s skill. At CWL Dallas Open, Cloud9 began to silence the doubters, placing second in Pool B (only dropping a series to the dominant eUnited), however, would fall in the bracket play, taking home a 9-12th placement.

Cloud9 secured enough pro points to qualify for Stage 1 of the Global Pro League. They were placed in Group Red, alongside Team EnVyUs, Splyce, and Mindfreak. Unfortunately, they severely underperformed in Group Play, finishing 4th with a 1-5 record, sending Cloud9 down to Relegation. About a month later, Ricky and Lacefield were released from the roster, which was shortly followed by an announcement stating the recruitment of Xotic and Priest. Their first time playing together online they took 3-4th at the MLG 2017-06-04 2K. On June 15th at the 2017 CWL GPL Relegation the newly formed roster took down Supremacy and Tainted Minds with a 6-1 map count, qualifying for the Stage 2 of the Global Pro League along with pool play for CWL Anaheim 2017. Their first major LAN together was CWL Anaheim 2017. Cloud9 fell short of the winners bracket after disappointing in pool play finishing 1-3. However, Cloud9 would go on a 5 series win streak in the losers bracket eliminating Team Allegiance, FaZe Clan, eUnited, Red Reserve EU, and Evil Geniuses before falling to reining champs Splyce. Placing 4th at their first LAN.


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster


ID Name Primary Role


ID Name Primary Role Next Team
USA Assault Adam Garcia Template:RoleSortNumber AR Slayer
USA ACHES Patrick Price Template:RoleSortNumber Flex EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses
USA Priest Preston Greiner Template:RoleSortNumber SMG Slayer
Canada Xotic John Bruno Template:RoleSortNumber SMG Slayer
USA Lacefield Andres Lacefield Template:RoleSortNumber SMG Slayer Supremelogo std.png Supreme Team
USA Ricky Richard Stacy Template:RoleSortNumber Flex Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin
USA Havok Colt McLendon Template:RoleSortNumber Support CoLlogo std.png compLexity Gaming
USA SiLLY Justin Fargo-Palmer Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Logo std2.png Next Threat
Canada Swarley Michael Carter Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer CoLlogo std.png compLexity Gaming
USA LlamaGod Devin Tran Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer KING$logo std.png Kingsmen
USA Happy Nick Suda Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer TKlogo std.png Team Kaliber
USA Mochila Steve Canle Template:RoleSortNumber Support TLethallogo std.png Team Lethal
USA Accuracy Lamar Abedi Template:RoleSortNumber AR Slayer CLGlogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
USA CaLiFa Cameron Joyner Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Orbitlogo std.png Team Orbit NA
USA SinfuL Jonathan Baez Template:RoleSortNumber Support FOXlogo std.png Echo Fox
USA KiLLa Adam Sloss Template:RoleSortNumber OBJ DTlogo std.png Dream Team
USA SiLLY Justin Fargo Template:RoleSortNumber Support E6 Glogo std.png Enigma6 Gold
USA Burns Matthew Pothoff Template:RoleSortNumber OBJ TLlogo std.png Team Liquid
USA MerK Joey Deluca Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer TLlogo std.png Team Liquid



ID Name Position
USA Jack Jack Etienne Founder & CEO
USA Danan Danan Flander Team Manager


ID Name Position Next Team
USA stunna Tres Saranthus Team Manager

Team Achievements

Recent Achievements (full list)
Game Date Place Event Winnings Roster
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-08-13 B313 - 16th 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship $15,000 AssaultACHESXoticPriest
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-07-30 A99 - 12th 2017 CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 $12,500 AssaultACHESXoticPriest
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-06-18 A44th 2017 CWL Anaheim Open $16,000 AssaultACHESXoticPriest
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-06-15 I1Q 2017 CWL Global Pro League Relegation AssaultACHESXoticPriest
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-05-28 B313 - 16th 2017 CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 $12,500 AssaultACHESLacefieldRicky



  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

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