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Background Information
Name: Ehsan Javed
Country of Birth: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Birthday: October 13, 1995 (1995-10-13) (age 22)
Residency: News Label - Europe.png Europe
Role: Slayer
XBL Gamertag: dReeaLL
Social Media and Links
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Team History
Nov 2012 - Feb 2013DeFylogo std.png Team DeFy
Apr 2013 - Jun 2013Farikologo std.png Fariko.JL
Jul 2013 - Jul 2013Orbitlogo std.png Orbit.Vendetta
Jul 2013 - Aug 2014Orbit.DeFylogo std.png Orbit.DeFy
Aug 2014 - Jan 2015Breakoutlogo std.png Breakout eSports
Mar 2015 - Mar 2015Logo std2.png Rize Gaming
Apr 2015 - Apr 2015IcoNlogo std.png IcoN eSports
Jun 2015 - Aug 2015IGIlogo std.png IGI eSports
Aug 2015 - Dec 2015Levitylogo std.png Levity Gaming
Dec 2015 - Feb 2016KFlogo std.png KILLERFISH eSport
Feb 2016 - Mar 2016Orbitlogo std.png Team Orbit SE
May 2016 - Jun 2016E4logo std.png Eye 4 eSports
Jun 2016 - ??? 2016Orbit EUlogo std.png Orbit eSport EU
Aug 2016 - Oct 2016Wizardslogo std.png Wizards e-Sports Club
Feb 2017 - Jun 2017BFG Greenlogo std.png Black Forest Green
May 2017 - ??? ????Logo std2.png Revoltables
Jun 2017 - Jul 2017Opulentlogo std.png Opulent eSports
Jul 2017 - Aug 2017ERa Elogo std.png eRa Eternity
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Ehsan "dReaL" Javed was previously a Slayer for eRa Eternity.


Black Ops II

dReeaLL originally started out his competitive career in 2012 with the new release of Black Ops II. His first team went under the name Team DeFy which consisted of Kitcher, Greeny, Jakeyy and himself. The ended up sticking together as a team until February of 2013. A month later, he was picked up by Fariko Gaming to join Reckz, Titann, Shane which formed Fariko.JL. This roster would then be picked up two months later by Team Orbit under the name Orbit.Vendetta. Due to players being inactive, the roster disbanded which left on dReeaLL to create a roster. He ended up picking up the rest of the former DeFy squad which would then form Orbit.DeFy. It would be this roster which he would remain on for an entire year, continuing into the newly released Ghosts.


They attended their first LAN event in Ghosts, at EGL 13 where they placed 17th, losing to Total eCircuit and IGI eSports. After EGL, the team disbanded and dReeaLL would almost instantly join the Breakout eSports line up. While at with this team, there were no more LANs in the United Kingdom until the release of Advanced Warfare. As a result, the team would only play online tournaments and constantly scrim.

Advanced Warfare

Not too long after the games release, in January, dReeaLL left the team and decided to go on a hiatus for a few months. His hiatus finished in March when he announced that he had officially joined rize Gaming[1]. But he wasn't with rize for long, leaving the organization the following month to then join IcoN eSports[2]. He wasn't with this team for long either, again, leaving the team the following month. After a period of free agency, dReeaLL joined IGI eSports to compete in the Gfinity Season 1Championship Division, where they placed 2nd to secure a total of £800 split between them. They then attended Am 2 Pro Omnia and finished a respectable 17th out of 90+ teams. A month later he decided to leave IGI and was picked up by Team Levity which would be the team he would then compete with towards the end of Gfinity Season 2 Championship Division and would remain on for the rest of Advanced Warfare attending the EGL Open in October and respectively placing 13th there.


Player Achievements

Recent Achievements (full list)
Game Date Place Event Winnings Team
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-08-13 C525 - 32nd 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship $10,000 ERa Elogo std.png eRa Eternity
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-07-02 I1Q 2017 CWL EU Last Chance Qualifier $3,000 Opulentlogo std.png Opulent eSports
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-06-25 A99 - 12th 2017 CWL Sheffield Open Opulentlogo std.png Opulent eSports
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-04-16 B313 - 16th 2017 CWL Birmingham Open BFG Greenlogo std.png Black Forest Green
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-02-19 C929 - 36th 2017 CWL Paris Open BFGlogo std.png Black Forest Games



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