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Background Information
Name: Rondez Green
Country: United States USA
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Org History
May 2016 - Jul 2016Logo std2.png PVP Live
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Rondez "Fox" Green is a Call of Duty eSports commentator who currently resides in the United States.


Rondez "Fox" Green is an esports analyst & commentator, video producer, and host. He currently works as a freelance, on-camera talent for media outlets and tournament organizers such as Major League Gaming, UMG, and PVP Live.

Fox On Topic is a series of videos produced by Rondez "Fox" Green in which Fox discusses topics within esports. Topics can range from general esports news and scandals to competition analysis.

FPS Breakdown is a more heavily produced short web series by Rondez "Fox" Green in cooperation with PVP Live. It is a more condensed esports news series, focusing on competitive first person shooters.

Play for Picks Podcast is a podcast created, produced, and hosted by Fox in which he invites esports personalities as guests for interviews or discussion.

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