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Background Information
Name: Tanner Clark
Country of Birth: United States USA
Residency: News Label - North America.png North America
Team: eRa Eternity
PSN ID: MosH704
XBL Gamertag: Mosh704
Social Media and Links
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Team History
??? ???? - ??? 2012Logo std2.png in2ition i2
??? 2012 - ??? ????SoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming
??? 2015 - ??? 2015Devoidlogo std.png Devoid Gaming
Jan 2016 - Feb 2016MWlogo std.png Most Wanted
Feb 2016 - Apr 2016VexXlogo std.png VexX Gaming
May 2016 - Aug 2016Logo std2.png In2ition
Oct 2016 - Oct 2016MWlogo std.png Most Wanted
Nov 2016 - Apr 2017FOXlogo std.png Echo Fox
Apr 2017 - May 2017MWlogo std.png Most Wanted
May 2017 - PresentERa Elogo std.png eRa Eternity
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Tanner "Mosh" Clark is a player for eRa Eternity.



Player Achievements

Recent Achievements (full list)
Game Date Place Event Winnings Team
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-06-15 A77 - 8th 2017 CWL Global Pro League Relegation ERa Elogo std.png eRa Eternity
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-03-19 C525 - 28th 2017 CWL Dallas Open FOXlogo std.png Echo Fox
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-02-19 C525 - 28th 2017 CWL Paris Open FOXlogo std.png Echo Fox
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-02-12 C929 - 32nd 2017 CWL Atlanta Open FOXlogo std.png Echo Fox
GameIcon IW3.png 2016-12-18 B313 - 16th 2017 CWL Las Vegas Open FOXlogo std.png Echo Fox


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