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Team has Disbanded.
Spirit Gaming
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Location: Spain Spain
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Spirit Gaming is a defunct Spanish team.


The team was formed on January 9, 2015. The team made a strong show with very little time training together at their first lan event Call of Duty Championship 2015: EU Regional Finals losing to G2 1-3, but after losing to G2 they decided to stay together and improve as a team for future tournaments.


Player Roster


ID Name Primary Role Next Team
Spain Inven Alejandro Martin Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer
Bulgaria Eros Alex Mitrin Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer
Spain Pitu Jose Leiva Galera Template:RoleSortNumber AR Anchor BKNlogo std.png ThunderX3 Baskonia
Bulgaria EupHo Zhivko Dimitrov Template:RoleSortNumber Support Giantslogo std.png Giants Gaming
Spain Pelukaa Fran Rubio Template:RoleSortNumber OBJ Giantslogo std.png Giants Gaming
Spain TojoR Toni Jorda Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Giantslogo std.png Giants Gaming
Spain FlexZ Ivan Arizpe Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer BKNlogo std.png ThunderX3 Baskonia
Spain Sammy Samuel Mateos Template:RoleSortNumber Salyer Giantslogo std.png Giants Gaming
Spain Stylexx Alberto Mudarra Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Wizardslogo std.png Wizards e-Sports Club


Team Achievements

Recent Achievements (full list)
Game Date Place Event Winnings Roster
GameIcon AW.png 2015-10-04 A11st SocialNAT AW Master League 3,500 € EupHopeLukaaSammyTojoR
GameIcon AW.png 2015-08-02 B313 - 16th Gfinity Summer Championship EupHopeLukaaSammyFlexZ
GameIcon AW.png 2015-06-28 A77 - 8th EGO Championship Series Qualifier EupHopeLukaaSammyFlexZ
GameIcon AW.png 2015-03-01 B515 - 28th Call of Duty Championship 2015: EU Regional Finals EupHopeLukaaSammyFlexZ

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