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Supreme Team
Team Information
Location: United States USA
Created: 2017-05-29
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Supreme Team is a Call of Duty team from the United States.



  • 2017

Player Roster


ID Name Primary Role Next Team
USA SpaceLy Michael Schmale Template:RoleSortNumber SMG Support Ghostlogo std.png Ghost Gaming
USA Lacefield Andres Lacefield Template:RoleSortNumber SMG Slayer Ghostlogo std.png Ghost Gaming
USA Maux Chance Moncivaez Template:RoleSortNumber AR Slayer Ghostlogo std.png Ghost Gaming
USA LlamaGod Devin Tran Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer Ghostlogo std.png Ghost Gaming


Team Achievements

Recent Achievements (full list)
Game Date Place Event Winnings Roster
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-06-15 I1Q 2017 CWL Global Pro League Relegation SpaceLyMauxLacefieldLlamaGod
GameIcon IW3.png 2017-06-03 I1Q 2017 CWL Global Pro League NA Relegation Qualifier LacefieldLlamaGodMauxSpaceLy
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-02-22 A33 - 4th Call of Duty Championship 2014: UAE Regional Final KrityKSir TalentzZ
GameIcon MW1.png 2009-04-16 A77 - 8th MLG GameBattles 2009 Pro Circuit Ladder Tournament #1 [[]]

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